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native eyeglasses

We have created wearable art in the form of eyeglasses, that has grabbed the attention of the art world!

These Buffalo Horn Rimmed Glasses below are still just displayed as "ART" in museums and are a bit delicate. Due to the overwhelming interest in purchasing these glasses, we are in the process of creating pieces that can be worn on an everyday basis.
Check back on our website to learn of the latest updates and when these wearable pieces of art will be released. Just remember, wearing these you will be so hip, slick and cool that there may just not be enough buffalo caps out there to keep up with the demand.


"Warrior Shades" Buffalo Horn Rimmed Sun Glasses
The design we used is a reflection design. A design that reflected what was in the stars is also on the earth. It was great to use with the sunglasses as that is what sunglasses are suppose to do..... reflect.

The inlay used for these glasses is the yellow sandstone from the badlands in Pine Ridge Reservation, Pipestone and white Mother of Pearl. I like to imagine that these are the kinds of sunglasses my ancestors would've worn back when we lived free on the Great Plains.





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