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Buffalo Horn Spoons have been made and used since Plains Peoples and Buffalo have existed together. The spoons are made by cutting a whole buffalo horn down the middle.

Our research project with the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in 2005 let us to find many different types of utensils that we didn't know existed since we have no museums or documentation of those things here on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
We found buffalo horn cups, horn spoons and small "mini spoons" for individual use. The spoons we saw were each adorned with porcupine quill work and in later dates, beads. We also discovered cups that we made from the whole horn cap. On a very few cups and spoons we found some to have been carved and also inlaid with different earth colors. Red earth colors mostly but, also yellow and only one that was inlaid with a dark blue color.

We weren't too surprised to learn that that particular cup belonged to one of our most courageous leaders, Crazy Horse Something we found to be very simple yet whose beauty varied so much was the small spoons that were made for individual use. Each spoon was very different and showed the care and love that went into the making of such pieces.

The buffalo horn spoons that we make take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to make. Our designs all come from universal designs and imagery that come from stories that have been past down for many generations. Also, as a contemporary human being and having gained an awareness of all things around me, have much to say about our human condition and the treatment of all Indigenous Peoples.

Our work have been described as "A breath of fresh air in the contemporary native art world", "Culturally rooted, Historically conscious, and currently relevant", "compelling and important in it's originality". We recently began making the horn cups and sm all spoons and have had great response to both new works.

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